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M2M powers smart car collision avoidance

car to carThe Machine 2 Machine (M2M)  communication between vehicles is not something new. This mechanism, called  Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) for airplanes  and  mandatory since mid 90′s, relies on a communication between two planes flying close to each other. The planes will analyze each other trajectory and if a risk of collision is detected then they will agree on how to avoid it and provide proper instructions to the pilots.

Today, TCAS is on the  way to be transposed to cars. This application of M2M communication will improve the car safety and allow to save thousands of lifes by avoiding vehicle to vehicle crash. It is the most important step in safety since the airbag. It is based on a radio signal emitted by each vehicle in a range of about 300 yards. This signal will provide vehicle related information such as position, speed and direction.  Based on this information the vehicle will warn the driver in case of upcoming collision risk. The US department of transportation who conducted the  experimentation of this mechanism (known as V2V which stands for Vehicle 2 Vehicle)  could make it soon mandatory in new vehicles. However, it will not be efficient until most of the vehicles are equiped, which will not happen before years.

Video with few V2V collision avoidance test scenario by Ford: